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UC Denver Anschutz: Incoming Students Can Grab Great Opportunities in Real Estate!!

UC Denver Anschutz: Incoming students can grab great opportunities in Real Estate!!

The University of Colorado Denver Anschutz Medical Center formerly known as Fitzsimons has become one of the country's most sought after medical schools to attend. It is one of Colorado's largest job and opportunity hubs for growth, and of course logically, so is the surrounding Real Estate market

UC Denver Anschutz-FitzsimonsThe situation most students come into is a commitment of usually 3 to 5 years to start, complete or get a full education. With the current real estate market in Denver, by most estimations, at or near the bottom, this time frame can be the exact right time to buy. Add that with the fact that most experts are agreeing that loan terms will probably get more difficult for over the next couple of years. Combine all of this with the tremendous growth around UC Denver Anschutz, including a future light rail station, several hotels and a redevelopment of the area surrounding it, and you have the perfect storm for real solid investment, NOW.

There is also a lot of variety of options in and around the Fitzsimons UC Denver Anschutz area to choose UC Denver Anschutz-Fitzsimonsfrom, depending on what you are looking for. Stapleton offers new homes 5 minutes away with price ranges from $100,000 to $900,000 and everything in between. It also offers great bike path commutes and a health conscious community that many med students are looking for. Stapleton offers affordable housing that is perfect for many incoming residents because the income limits on the buyer are similar to what they will make in the resident program and can enable them to purchase much more house for the money.

Lowry is a bit further but has similar options as far as housing and is maybe a little closer to some of the South side of Denver if you need to be affiliated with some of the hospitals on that side of town. Both are easy commutes downtown and to a majority of Denver's amenities.

If you are looking for even more an investment and at a lower price. the surrounding homes to the East and North of UC Denver Anschutz(Fitzsimons) are older neighborhoods that over the last couple of years where other neighborhoods have gone down severely.UC Denver Anschutz-Fitzsimons These are areas where homes are being purchased and fixed up and have seen steady improvement block by block. These neighborhoods are booming because they are conveniently located in the middle of the diamond created between the two new communities of Stapleton and Lowry, and Johnson and Wales University and UC Denver Medical Campus.

Typical homes in this neighborhood are $100,000 if they need work and $150,000 after being fixed up. Those numbers have been going and will continue to go up as each block and area gets fixed up nicely with new home owners. You should get advice from a Realtor which situation might be the best for you. This area is also no more than a 5 minute commute to the campus and is an easy journey to downtown, Cherry Creek or anywhere else in Denver you want to get to.

For students and parents of students heading to Denver for this great opportunity at UC Denver Anschutz, why not call the KnopHomeTeam to figure out how you can benefit from some of these situations. Maybe Real Estate can help you out with some of the extensive cost of going to Medical School and who knows you may want to make Denver your home for life.


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