November 2010

Stapleton Builders: The steps to getting your new construction home-Step 1

Stapleton builders: The steps to getting your new construction home- Step 1

We wanted to write a blog series that walks potential buyers through the process of buying a new construction home. We work daily with Stapleton builders, but this should be useful for any Denver or national builders. From the first timer to savvy Real estate investors, buying a new home has it's own set of circumstances that when thought out and executed properly can be a great buying experience, leading to a new home that you have built from the ground up to your own specifications. It can also be a nightmare especially when some of the steps catch you off guard. So let the StapletonHomeTeam teach you some of the steps and to help you set the proper expectations and to keep it fun.

Step 1: Deciding on a Home

This seems so simple right? Compared to buying a lived-in home, though there are several different things to think about that are now in your control. You can read my blog about deciding to buy new vs used home to help in understanding the differences. But the truth is when you are building a new house you should start off with a want list and then pick your builder accordingly. Obviously price is a big determining factor but most Stapleton builders have a range and most price ranges would give you a few different options. Also buying off of blue prints and rendering drawings can be tricky. Here are some of the major components in helping you create this list.

Price Point: This of course is the biggee but there are things to think about in this as you qualify. First of all quite often a Stapleton builder will give you a better deal if you use their in-house lender this is a tough one because as Realtors we understand the relationship aspect of the business and if you have a lender that has pre-qualified you, and they have New Town 29th Drive Row Homestreated you well you want to keep those relationships. But on the other hand sometimes it makes financial sense to hear what the builders have to offer when it comes to financing. The other big thing to contemplate is if your price is $300,000 you may need to make sure you are considering the upgrade options and/or how much flexibility you will have on price as you look at homes.

Floor plan: Do you want an open or a more traditional floor plan, number of bedrooms and baths, what kind of flex space do you want or need(an office that is open to the house or a private hideaway room to keep the kids toys), how the furniture you have or want to have will work in the spaces, square footage and the ability to grow into a basement are all questions to contemplate in regards to floor plan.

Outdoor space:  Do you like a big front porch, more of a private back yard, dog space or kid space, across from a pocket park, landscapable or just grass, or even no maintenance at all. Even if it's a condo with a patio or balcony, what are the rules for Barbeques or which direction is it facing for sun exposure or view? Especially in Colorado, outdoor space can be your entertaining space, kids space, pet space and it needs to be a priority in picking a Stapleton builder and what lots they have available.

Standards vs Upgrades: All Stapleton builders offer a standard set of finishes for their homes and depending on the builder and price point will also offer a variety of upgrades to add on to the home. Understanding these differences can make your experience go much smoother than it does if you don't and you get stuck with a "sticker shock" when you get to the design studio. As a general rule you can plan on adding about 10-15% of the base price to where you will end up after upgrades. However you certainly can plan on a lot more some times because you want to. If you didn't make the right builder and floor plan choice upfront you could end up spending more than you should have. The models can be very misleading and sales people for the builders are there to sell the homes and the upgrades. So it is important to have an experienced agent that knows what each builder offers.

These items are just a few of the aspects to take into consideration when determining a home that you would like, which in turn should determine the builder you will choose. There are definitely more options and we would love to help you personalize your search. Criteria such as location and schools usually need a little local knowledge and we love to help. But even smaller things such as, do I want laundry upstairs or down? Or which upgrades to do with the builder and which do I do on my own, are our specialty. We try to make the experience fun and save you time. With the eventual goal of your home-buying experience being the perfect combination of enjoyable and practical. 

We will continue on this series of " Stapleton Builders: The steps to getting your new construction home", with the next step being negotiation and contracting. Also stay tuned to this blog, for our on going updates from each Lowry and Stapleton builders that will update you with the latest in changes to their floor plans, latest availability, deals on spec homes and new lot releases. As always feel free to call the StapletonHomeTeam for any of this information as well, or any of your buying or selling needs.

Damon and Katie Knop


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