Denver Real Estate, be cautious of National Headlines.

Denver Real Estate, be cautious of National Headlines.

condo sold in less than 30 daysWith Denver Real Estate, be cautious of National Headlines.

I am going to include a link to an Associated Press article, certainly not as much for it's content but for the point of what a headline can do to lead the public to believe. The headline can be contrary to the reality of what is going on in the market and even the context of the actual article.

In the A.P. article headlined "Housing Recovery at Risk" ironically printed in the Denver Post, mentions the national trends that have created some of the national statistics that have some worried about the national real estate market . In Denver Real Estate we have had some very positive recent stats and being active in the market I can attest that things are really trending the right direction.

The Denver Real Estate market is not specifically mentioned, sadly, in the Denver Post article. However it refers to areas in the rest of the country with scary statistics like double digit losses in the last month in the East, Midwest and South. Areas that have some of the craziest weather in their histories. But in the very last sentence, literally, as most Denver readers would be shaking their heads it says, "and a 21% increase in the West."

In our office alone, Distinctive Properties Ltd, we have had an increase of over 70% in showings over the last 3 months compared to last year at this time. The Stapleton HomeTeam has put 4 homes under contract including the one shown in photo in less than 30 days and added three new listings in the same time frame with sellers that are excited to be in the market at this time.

Buyers, don't buy the national headlines of the Today Show and USA Today or even your local news that use national articles to fill it's pages. Check with a local Realtor to get the updated information pertinent to Denver real estate.

It is an amazing time to buy right now with historically low interest rates and the $8,000 tax credit deadline looming, so get out there and start looking and beat the late April rush. Buyers also feel free to do some home searching on your own to get started. But don't wait too long and be part of the next headline "Hesitant Buyers Missed an Opportunity"


Wow if this isn't the best example of what this blog is about. Forbes Magazine, a very respected business authority, proclaimed that Denver was second most likely to be hit by a second Real estate bubble using statistics from Zillow. It's cover spread panic through Denver buyers and was contradicted by many Realtors activity. Of course being on the cover of a much respected national magazine doesn't compare to the rescission article posted here so I am doing my best to spread this article around. It proclaims that the statistics used were wrong and that the Denver market is actually set up better than most cities for a quicker real estate recovery. PLEASE READ.


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Insane...This is what drives me crazy, I'm already freaking out about the market about property value etc and you plan based upon the "experts". Thanks for posting this Damon it makes me feel a lot better. I am forwarding it to Patti and hopefully she will share it with the Denver Board. Way to do your homework.

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You must have already made an impact, because Forbes has already taken the story down.

Keep up the good work,

John Keene

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