Back to school means a time to get busy for parents as well!

Back to school means a time to get busy for parents as well!

Back to school means a time to get busy for parents as well!

Call it back to the grind or getting into the routine but on today's first day of school, parents around Denver, know that things are going to be different for the next 9 months. No more random schedules, daycare woes and summer temptations to get you off track of your goals. In a lot of ways it works like a New Year's resolution time. Whether you are a stay at home parent, work at home or just notice a little extra time on your hands once back to school rolls around, you should be prepared to use that time wisely. If you plan ahead you can get a great jump on projects and goals. If one of those goals is to buy or sell a home, time is of the essence. After labor day and before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times in Real Estate.Back to School

If you are selling, you now have more time to get the house ready and have about 60 days of good weather left in Denver. This helps the way landscaping shows and increases showing traffic. Focus on the basics: De-clutter, fix the little things that need fixing, and keep the house very clean. These things are all a lot easier when the kids are back to school. Mums are great fall-blooming flowers that add color and pop to the curb appeal of your home.

If your goal is to get your home on the market by spring this is a great time to get the KnopHomeTeamin to take a look at your home. We can give you some good ideas on how to use this extra time on your hands to get your home prepared. With a little more time you can dig in a bit deeper. Maybe renovating a bathroom, painting a couple of rooms, spending a little extra time boxing up stuff for storage, having a garage sale or cleaning can do so much to get your home prepared. Maybe it's staging or just which tile to choose for your backsplash, a little expert advice in advance can go a long way to getting ready and help you get the most for your home when you decide to sell.

If you have been waiting for the kids to get back to school to start your home search then there truly is not a better time. Prior to the holidays sellers are a bit more motivated, they know that if they have it on the market through the holidays it is 3 more months of mortgage at least. This year of course you also have the tremendous opportunity to buy towards the bottom of the market with some of the lowest interest rates in history. If you're a first time home buyer, you can also get some great late year tax benefits and maybe host your first Thanksgiving in your new home.

Home for saleEveryone knows about the Spring time market surge to count on annually but the statistics show almost as many homes sell in September as in May so be prepared to catch the Autumn fever as well. With similiar sales numbers and less competition you can get the best situation for you whether buying or selling Real Estate in the Back to school market. So make your resolution to get busy, to learn and to succeed just like you tell your kids to do as you get them out of the house today and the best way to do that is to call the KnopHomeTeam.

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