Fantasy Football: Why every Realtor should care!

Fantasy Football: Why every Realtor should care!

Fantasy Football: Why every Realtor should care!Fantasy Football cartoon

The very short answer is that it matters! Whether you are a die hard football fan with a Bronco tattoo on your ankle(guilty), a casual observer that sort of pays attention to the local guys or a hater that wish sports were never invented. You need to care about football and even fantasy football.

As Bloggers or blog readers, you are obviously paying attention to Internet business possibilities and have maybe adjusted your business accordingly. Can you name the number one Internet search the 3 weeks before labor day every year? Vacation locations? Schools? REAL ESTATE? NO! By far it is Fantasy Football. Graph of fantasy footballThese "players" are not the stereo-typical single guy couch potatoes with nothing better to do. We are talking about close to 40 million people, over a million of whom are women. The majority are aged 20-45, professional, organized, tactical, social, computer savvy and have above average income. I don't know about you, but those demographics represents about 95% of my buyers and sellers. As Realtors your job of course is to know the market, neighborhoods, and statistics but it also your ability to relate to people.

Now I am not advocating every Realtor go out and get a Fantasy Football team or three(guilty). Or even naming them and using the team as a marketing tool, like the StapletonHomeTeam(not guilty). What I am saying is to have a stance on it. If you are a hater don't spread the hate, know that you will probably be insulting someone within earshot. Instead, maybe look for those Sunday open houses and cater to the football widow. Or maybe know just enough to identify someone at that open house that would maybe prefer to be elsewhere. Maybe have the TV on if it's appropriate or be able to give a couple of quick updates that you have checked on your I-Phone. 

Potentially, I am writing this article only to justify my personal demons and addictions, but I guess I speak from experience. It's something that works. If you can talk to someone for half an hour about anything, (even the Raiders) don't you think you will have a better rapport with that person when it comes to talking shop. Of course. We should all be prepared to talk Real Estate, about schools, neighborhoods, trends and statistics. And strithe good old daysking up conversations about politics and Kim and Reggie no morereligion are tough ice breakers and notoriously taboo. But what is left? Weather? Entertainment? Sports! For general easy conversation, why would you choose to neglect such a big part of these topics. Weather can come off as cheesy. Entertainment can be fun but if you don't know that as well you can be caught in the same conundrum as the non sports fan. That is why I watch enough TV to know who won the Oscars and Emmy's and can identify who Kim Kardashian is dating. This of course comes full circle because she is no longer dating Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints who I think is going to have a great fantasy football year just to show her up, that is why I drafted him.:)

Damon Knop



I love this blog and fully agree. In fact, I just wrote about my experience with Fantasy Football and real estate here----->Fantasy Football and Real Estate - Making Sales that highlights my experience in the last few years!

Posted by Stefan West, Temecula-Murrieta-Menifee CA Real Estate (West Realty) about 8 years ago

I never expected to be competing with a 'fantasy' for my clients' time, but it is happening.  They might need to be moved out of their home in 30 days, but cannot go out looking tomorrow because of fantasy football.  Amazing how this changes priorities!!  Wish I could say, 'this is a guy thing', but it is not!!!

Posted by Pat Haddad, ABR, CRS, ePRO, GRI, Carmel, Fishers, Westfield IN Real Estate Expert (Keller Williams Indianapolis Metro NE) about 8 years ago

That is funny Pat

Posted by StapletonHomeTeam KnopHomeTeam Distinctive Properties, For an UnReal Estate Experience call the Knop Home (Distinctive Properties) about 8 years ago

We in Wisconsin learned never to schedule a Sunday Open House during the Packer's game time. Always before or after!

Posted by Fred Hookham (Keller Williams) about 8 years ago

Damon, I did not know about your tattoo

Posted by Jane Wallace, CRS | SRES, Denver Real Estate (Shorewood Real Estate) about 8 years ago

Fred, I agree. You can usually hear crickets during the Bronco games. Not great open house times.

Jane, I have had it for a long time and it's been hard the last couple of years to carry the colors.


Posted by StapletonHomeTeam KnopHomeTeam Distinctive Properties, For an UnReal Estate Experience call the Knop Home (Distinctive Properties) about 8 years ago

great info I have not done any fantasy football sound fun

Posted by Joe Jackson, Clintonville and Central Ohio Real Estate Expert (Keller Williams Capital Partners Realty) about 8 years ago

I wrote a Bog the first of this month about the whole Fantasy Football event and how serious the selection of the teams goes lol!  We love our football here in the South!  I get alot of comments from clients about my Razorback sticker on my back window :) and I do have to say the beginning of 2010 was very slow due to the Who Dat national obsession with the Super Bowl!

Posted by Marilyn Boudreaux, Lake Charles LA Century 21 Realtor (Marilyn Boudreaux, Century 21 Mike D. Bono & Co.'s) about 8 years ago