Stapleton parks - A Weekend of activity exemplifies what living in Stapleton is all about!

Stapleton parks - A Weekend of activity exemplifies what living in Stapleton is all about!

Stapleton Parks - A Weekend of activity exemplifies what living in Stapleton is all about!

When I moved to Stapleton almost five years ago, part of what we were buying was the idea of the social and community play in all of the Stapleton Parks. And I will say, this weekend sure brought that into reality. It's not that is hasn't been here the whole time or that I haven't taken advantage of this great situation before, but it really hit me this weekend in more of a bigger community and lifestyle picture.

Let me start off by telling you what I did this last week and weekend and maybe you will get a better picture. Wednesday and Thursday mornings when I had a few meetings and committee meetings, all of which were focused on looking forward to the next round of building in Stapleton and how it will encorporate the Stapleton parks, public spaces, commercial space, new homes and public transportation. It took me back to when Stapleton first started, "building the dream" that has become so much of a reality in Stapleton currently only about 30% built out. The meetings were in the town center and I took my bike or golf cart there for all of the meetings and also had lunch or breakfast at Casey's, Starbucks or Einsteins. I followed this up with a guys night out at Berkshire. Of course the kids had there Lacrosse and dance practices that are also "in the bubble". The combination of these events put into my head this overwhelming sense that continued to play out over the weekend.

I try to capture this feeling when describing what it's like to live in Stapleton to potential buyers. I grew up in Capitol Hill and it was a given that when you went to Swifts Cafe on 9th or McFanns on 11th or even the infamous Soopers on Corona, you were bound to run into someone you knew. I get the same feeling here.

Then it really got started especially in regards to the Stapleton Parks. Our normal bike to school Friday dropping off the kids turned into a quick little ride over to in Park Hill where I met a freind for lunch and then rode by a couple of homes that are currently under contruction to give my buyers their weekend update. I picked up the kids on bikes and prepared for the weekend. They had play dates on their bikes. Our neighbors started to accumulate at our house for a little happy hour almost all on bikes. We hung out on the patio while we figured out the babysitting and then took our "chain gang" on the road 5 blocks away where we went to a party held to raise money for our schools PTA. Out on the lawn of the house across from the neighborhood pool and park were more bikes than cars. Think about this, this was a party of over 150 people and there were parking spots available right in front. My guess is there were 5 or 6 car drivers there, a several dozen bikers, one golf cart and many that must have walked or carpooled.Stapleton Kickball

The next day there was almost too much going on, if you were trying to do it all. Stapleton United Neighbors put on a kickball tournament that raised money for The March of Dimes. Sixteen teams played adult kickball and had a blast. What was funny was that as board members we were setting up and breaking down all day. During that time we had several people coming up to us asking us where other events were going on at the park. I later realized there were four different events in Cental park that day. Our event probably had 200 people, the 2 fairs seem to be well attended with over a 100 a piece and a soccer fusion tournament that looked to have over 1,000. Talk about a hot bed of activity. This was all just in Central Park by noon.

A few blocks away in the Founder's Green Park at 29th Drive Town center was a Concert. This concert was kind of a Battle of the Bands called "Stapleton Rocks" that had all Stapleton local acts. There must be a lot of talent here because the show went from 10am to 10pm. I had an open house that day just up the street so I could hear the concert during the open house. From the Open House I also saw what seemed like 1,000's but was definitely hundreds of scooters that drove by and went to the concert. This was cool because I have heard of this group and they get together and go to different fun destinations. This group is obviously a fun group and the fact that were on their list showed a lot to me. It also shows how centrally located "Stapleton Parks" are to have this big group agree to all go there together. I could also see over to Fred Thomas Park where peewee football had that park packed as well.

After my open house I went and got shorts on and Golf carted over to Park Hill to my favorite Cheesesteak place. Then off to a friends house for a fantasy football draft. Most everyone there didn't live in Stapleton but lived close enough to know of the goings on and wanted to join in. Some of us left the draft when it was done and hit the concert. It was a blast for adult and kids. There was great music and jumpy castles, climbing walls and bungy cord jumping all sponsored by local businesses. The night continued on, while on bikes stopping by a couple of freinds' houses.

Sunday Central Park was at it again, in the distance I could hear a big announcer counting down for a big race that went through Central Park but also around Westerly Creek and touched on a couple of other Stapleton Parks. I then went over to our weekly Farmers Market in the Founder's Green. They had a 40 foot climbing wall for the kids that was very fun. I got ready for the Bronco game with a little pregame bike ride to a friends. We finished the weekend off with having family over where the kids rode bikes, played basketball and we hung out on the patio. All in all over the weekend, I traveled about 36 miles all within or around Stapleton. I biked 16 miles, golf carted 14 and drove 6(only because I was carrying real estate signs). This is very representative of my weekly travel, leading to amazing results like me filling up my gas tank every couple of months and staying in shape with consistent bike rides or my wife's workout classes in the park.

This may seem like just a great weekend or a random time for my family but in all reality this is the vision of the Stapleton Green Book. This is the guide for the Development of Stapleton from an airport to a residential and commercial area. At the end of the build out over 30% of the ground will be parks and open spaces, this is unprecedented in new development. With the designs of homes with front porches, pocket parks, and over 30 miles of bike paths, it truly plays out in the real life of residents that live here. This results in people that live and work in the same area, healthier residents and safer kids. Our kids also notice this, they embrace riding their bikes everywhere and they understand what that means in regards to fossil fuels and polution. This vision and reality of sustainability combining with the idea that these philosophies are being passed to our children is what makes me proud to call Stapleton home. Give us a call if you want to take a look and see what is available in your price range and maybe your could be the next happy Stapletonite that we run into at the playground.

Damon and Katie Knop

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