Stapleton Schools - House Values on the Rise One Party at a Time!

Stapleton Schools - House Values on the Rise One Party at a Time!

Stapleton Schools - House Values on the Rise One Party at a Time!

Living in Stapleton certainly has it's perks-  Fantastic parks, beautiful homes that are attainable to all income levels, strong community... and the list goes on!  This past Friday night however, I saw a different perk- parents & neighbors out to party for a great cause!  I attended a Direct Giving Party sponsored by 3 couples who have children at our local school.  The gracious host open their doors to over 100 people in hopes to raise money for Bill Roberts K-8. 

Direct Giving parties is just one of the many fundraising events that the Bill Roberts PTA sponsor.  Around 10 parties are announced at the beginning of the school year, with this many parties you are sure to be able to attend at least one.  At the parties guests are asked to make a donation that will be go "directly" to our PTA to help fund where our district is lacking.  Rather it be a Para professionals(basically a teachers helper), equipment/ materials a specials teacher needs, field trips, or sports the students benefit directly from our contribution.  

Besides the fact that lowering our teacher to student ratio will make our children stronger students, this combined with the above is an attractive asset to a perspective new resident of the community.  Home buyers are very interested to know how their local school performs & will select a neighborhood based on that performance.  Historically house values will countinue to rise as the neighborhood schools excel. 

Stapleton being a relatively new community, our school's scores reflect a school still in it's infancy that has undergone some major changes.   However, the parents dedication to their children's education is not just left in the hands of the administration.   Willingness to host & attend fund-raising events & yes opening their wallets even during our down economic time will be a large pay off to our kids & community.  Parents investing their time & money will be a large factor in a stronger school.   

Fundraisers are not a new concept to most adults and when it comes to teaching our children the art of giving it can hit home knowing that they have been the recipient of good deeds.  When it is their time to be the active parent or community member they will look back & remember being part of a community & will embrace the opportunity to pay it forward.   

Building stronger schools & home values all while having a great time with fellow parents seems like a no brainer "fun"draiser. 

 Katie Knop



Great post. Parental involvement is such a key in education.
Posted by reagan about 8 years ago

I was just speaking with a client about this topic today in fact. Has the area been able to raise enough money to build a second elementary school?

Posted by Tricia Houston (Lending Maven Mortgage - Denver, Colorado) about 8 years ago

Yes Tricia-  The 3rd school is under construction located just east of Syracuse on 35th- check it out!  However that is a bit of a separate issue.  The 3rd school was funded by DPS & developer funds.  Our PTA money that is raised goes directly to our school.  At the party we attended almost $14K was raised. The 3rd school however is not yet constructed & already has a PTA in place & a fantastic principal hired!  Bring your buyer to Stapleton!  The strengh of our schools are awesome!

Posted by StapletonHomeTeam KnopHomeTeam Distinctive Properties, For an UnReal Estate Experience call the Knop Home (Distinctive Properties) about 8 years ago