Denver Weather-Remember what that means for your listings.

Denver Weather-Remember what that means for your listings.

Denver Weather-Remember what that means for your listings.

Here in Denver the weather is starting to turn a bit. Although we have had some great Indian summer days lately we have also had some afternoon thunderstorms and the leaves are starting to turn. This has made me contemplate all of our listings and how they are represented. We had a small talk about this in our office meeting today and there are lots of things to look out for.

Here are just a few that popped in my mind.House in MLS with snow in September

1. One thing that is so simple is pictures. Not necessarily this time of year but in Spring if you listed a house over the winter. For crying out loud get new pictures when the grass is green and the flowers are blooming. How many have seen that listing on line that has a foot of snow on the porch in the middle of summer. This makes the home discounted before they go see it, if they even go. Yes I just pulled this picture off of MLS Today!!

2. Where is your Lockbox? In summer time on the meter facing up might be perfect and easy to see. But in the winter those fill up with water and freeze and don't work. This can happen over night with Denver weather. Also make sure that it is well lit as there are bound to be more showings happening in the dark as the days grow shorter. And lastly how will us hopeless Realtors access your lockbox if it will make them walk though snow to get to it and what impression will that leave on that agent as well as their shoes as they are about to go through the home. Make it accessible without needing snowshoes.

3. Speaking of shoes. Do you have a listing that has the potential for mud, or anything else that you don't want tracking through the house with new white carpet. It might be time to put up a card to remove shoes, put on booties or put down plastic in traffic areas in a vacant house.

4. Another good plan is to get out there and get some open houses done now. You may think it's not a great time but wait until you get 3 weekends in a row of snow and your seller is asking why you haven't held any.

5. And last but not least. Is the home you listed previously that had people in it now vacant. Or are they not home very often. Yes it is their responsibilty but as an agent I would want to make sure that all homes have heat set properly, check for frozen pipe potential, sprinkler systems turned off and maybe a light on as to make it not as scary when approached at 6pm in a snow storm.

A lot of this is common sense, but especially with Denver weather and really anywhere it is important to stay on top of these situations. There are lots of other things to check depending on your area. I know we have all had the horror story of walking in with a house with a pipe frozen or not being able to get into a house because you couldn't see the lockbox code, let's limit the damage and get out there ahead of the storm.

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The REO's are the ones with the problem of not shoveling the walks or driveway.  We should be getting our first snowfall just any time now.  Usually Halloween is when it starts.

This post is a good reminder. There are some listings still on the market with snow in the pictures from last year.  I guess they could just leave them there now.

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Was just feeling it with the last couple of days of clouds doesn't mean I am wanting it to hurry in.

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It's so interesting being here on AR and reading the blog posts from agents in other parts of the country. You have mentioned keeping the heat on, and watching where your lockbox is to keep it from freezing, and putting booties on to go into the house.  Here in Florida, sure, we don't want buyers tracking in mud, but it's not because we have the potential for snow on the ground.  Different concepts to us down here in sunny Florida.

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