Move to Stapleton: A Resident Realtor's View of the Stapleton Community! #5

Move to Stapleton: A Resident Realtor's View of the Stapleton Community! #5

Move to Stapleton: A Resident Realtor's View of the Stapleton Community! #5

This is a continuation of our series of our 10 favorite reasons to Move to Stapleton. As Realtors in this community there are many great aspects to living in this community so we decided to take some time and give you the best 10, to see other posts in this series please check our the blog about our great neighbors.

The number 5 reason to move to Stapleton in my opinion is the access to wildlife!move to Stapleton

Living in Denver we are spoiled with our ability to get up to the mountains quickly to enjoy nature at it's finest. Denver also does a great job, even though it's one of the fastest growing cities in the country in preserving some nature aspects in the city and it's not done better anywhere in the state as it is in and around Stapleton.

Stapleton's commitment to maintaining and creating over 30% of the ground on site as parks, combined with our location at a confluence of 2 creek systems, sets us up very well. We are also adjacent to Bluff Lake Nature Preserve, Rocky Mountain Wildlife Preserve, the Urban Farm, and Sand Creek Riparian corridor, these areas are aided by such great organizations as the Audubon Society, Environment for the Americas, Colorado Division of Wildlife, and Morrison Nature Center.

All of these components situate Stapleton perfectly for wildlife interaction. Stapleton residents are also the kind of community that can coincide with nature well. A friend of ours was picking up my husband early for golf one day and saw a coyote chasing a baby deer in front of our house in a pocket park. While this may be an extreme and rare sighting others are so common that it no longer makes you turn your head, once you move to Stapleton. Seeing a group of rabbits chasing each other, A raccoon meandering in the alley, a fox or coyote slyly hunting in the prairie dog field, hawks, bald eagles and large owls hovering over head and diving down and grabbing prey.

move to StapletonThe Urban Farm situated right in the middle of Stapleton also gives a rural influence. Kids birthday parties with horse back riding, 4H Club memberships, educational classes and public gardening plots so close to home can help you get that country kick you and your family are looking for. Bluff Lake and Rocky Mountain Arsenal have several educational opportunities monthly to spend time learning about the wildlife in their facilities. There are dozens of Bison in the arsenal and the Sand Creek serves as a migratory haven for several varieties of birds, these animals have joined humans and continue to make the move to Stapleton(haha)

Growing up in the city and moving here from Congress Park this is one of the great surprises in Moving to Stapleton and is definitely one of our favorite parts and for sure is one of our kid's most enjoyable. I actually fear that they will be a little spoiled about this since they will never know what not seeing wildlife is like. They will have to take it from me that seeing a dog and a squirrel is not wildlife.

If you want a private tour of these great amenities or want to target your home search and your move to Stapleton with nature in mind make sure you call the StapletonHomeTeam.

Katie Knop

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