Stapleton Pools- Transplanted trees make this pool very cool.

Stapleton Pools- Transplanted trees make this pool very cool.

Stapleton Pools-Transplanted trees make this pool very cool.

The other day I was talking to a new resident in Stapleton and an agent in my office at Distinctive Properties. He had bought a great new home across the street from the new Stapleton poolthat will open this Memorial Day. Needless to say he was excited about the idea of moving to the Stapleton neighborhood and watching the neighborhood finish being built around him. He had moved from an old Denver neighborhood and had conceded that moving to the new neighborhood he would have to wait a few years for the trees to get big.

Well after being in his home less than a week he came home from work one day and walked out the front door of his house and thought "It's a miracle".....stapleton pools

Three approximately 30-40 feet tall pine trees had appeared on the lot across the street at the new Stapleton pool location. He stared in awe as the crew was finishing up the placement. He did a little more research and found that these were just 3 of the 8 new trees yet to come. This wasn't a miracle however, it was a little exercise in cool technology and conservation. As part of Forest City's conversion of the land in the new Central Park West neighborhood they were left with a choice of what to do with about 20 old large trees that needed to be moved.

They found the answer in "The Bigger Digger". The 2nd largest trans-planter of trees in the world and it's located locally in Parker, Colorado. It digs down deep with large blades that after the earth and roots are cut also works as a "wide load" moving device as well. It is very interesting to watch. The pool area is about finished with its new arbor but Stapleton residents should keep their eyes peeled for more transplants as they add 1 new tree per new pocket park or mews in the Central Park West neighborhood.

If you would like a private tour to see the location of the new trees on the golf cart give me a call. They are also selling new homes in that neighborhood so as always contact the StapletonHomeTeam for all of your Real estate needs. Or go by the new Stapleton pool area at 36th and Beeler to see the miracle. The new shade trees around the pool area and park. This will make for some well needed coolness and some great personality to this pool and will be so "cool" for surrounding homeowners.

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Distinctive Properties



The transplanted trees are a great addiction to the pool area it would seem like a miracle to the home owner.

Posted by Pat Champion, Call the "CHAMPION" for all your real estate needs (Coldwell Banker Camelot Realty) almost 7 years ago