Google Maps in Denver

Google Maps in Denver

Google Maps in Denver

If any of you have ever gone to Google Maps to get directions to a house or a restaurant, you may have zoomed so far in that you got shown a street view. This technology to me is absolutely magic and a bit scary when I think of movies like "Enemy of the State" and "Deja Vu".

Google maps in DenverGoogle Maps visits Denver

But it became facsinating to me when I saw this goofy little hybrid car meandering through my old neighborhood at 12th and Pearl.  Then saw it again in Park Hill almost 2 weeks later. It finally tipped my curiosity so far when I saw her in front of my house in Stapleton almost a week later.

After she pictured me in my alley in my golf cart, I had to pull her over and ask. How long does this take? Her job for Google Maps while here in Denver is simply this. Drive this car 10 miles per hour through every street, road boulevard, alley, country road and highway from LA to Denver. She says she has been on the road for several months and was heading back soon.

It made me do a little research on this process and holy cow. Not only does Google Maps have cars that do the roads they have boats, snow mobiles, and bikes. They literally are in the process of going through every trail, to the top of every mountain and middle of every ocean. Their technology is beginning to be used to be able to check out landmarks, go through museums to see art and see ice sculptures on the top of Alps. Crazy! Check out their website to check out some of the cool stuff.

I am happy I bumped into the super energetic lady and dove into checking this out. As a Realtor Google maps can be a great tool in the tool box for setting showings creating neighborhood mapping and community research, but now knowing how it comes about just makes it that much cooler. It also makes me appreciate how much music she has on her I-pod to listen to while she drives.

Google Maps Visits Denver

Check out the Denver Art Museum from your bed

If you want to drive around Denver with me looking at houses give me a call. I promise we will go faster than 10 miles per hour.

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Google maps is great, there is also the Droid app EARTH, which will astound you.

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