Stapleton Neighborhood: Citizens Advisory Board of Stapleton, Definition and Update

Stapleton Neighborhood: Citizens Advisory Board of Stapleton, Definition and Update

Stapleton Neighborhood: Citizen's Advisory Board of Stapleton, Definition and Update.

Every month the Stapleton Citizen's Advisory Board(CAB) meet's to discuss the build out of the Stapleton Community. This is an all inclusive committee that has representatives of several smaller committees and stake holders that are active in and around Stapleton. This board reports to the Stapleton Development Corporation(SDC). I break down the hierarchy in a blog called Alphabet Soup, but thought I should give an update from this morning's meeting.Stapleton Neighborhood

CAB's subcommittees include: Parks Advisory Group(PAG), Zoning and Planning(ZAP), Design review, Housing diversity(Which has been my driving force to be an active member of CAB and SUN), Workforce and business opportunity, Transportation and Membership.

Stakeholders and partners include: Forest City, City of Denver, City of Aurora, Stapleton Foundation, Stapleton United Neighbors(SUN), Master Community Association(MCA) Bluff Lake, Sand Creek, Urban Farm, Johnson and Wales and the Denver Police Department and Academy.

I write about this mornings meeting because it was symbolic. First of all it has a new chair David Netz who as part of running his first meeting gave a report of some of what he will take to next weeks SDC meeting as part of our annual reporting to SDC. In this report it mostly talked about several of the obstacles moving forward. Which if anyone wants to call me on I would love to fill anyone in on. 

More importantly and probably understated a bit in our weekly, monthly and annual obligations and meetings, is that this year and really this month is our 10 year anniversary of development here in Stapleton. A benchmark that has seen many accomplishments, a few struggles and at the end of the day, a great Stapleton Community.

Are there things that we want improved upon? Yes! Will we continue to monitor and fight hard for what our neighborhood becomes? Yes! Were we affected by the economic downturn? Yes, but not as bad as so many developments in the country.

Stapleton NeighborhoodBut this year in Stapleton as well as the Denver Real estate market as a whole, and I believe nationwide. 2012 represents a great turning of the page looking forward to greener pastures and real sustainable success. The CAB meeting didn't really get that deep into this transition but being 10 years into a 20 year project is a great time to reflect, learn from what can be done better and focus on making the next 10 years in the Stapleton Development completing the vision laid out in the Greenbook(the Stapleton Development Plan) almost 20 years ago. 

I live in Stapleton. I love the community it has become. I love how active the citizens of Stapleton are to affect such change as it moves forward. Living in Stapleton gives you a very unique opportunity to have an impact on not only how it runs, but how it is created. Similar to the pictures above. The dream of what the 29th Avenue Town Center would look like and what it became. The Citizen's Advisory Board gives us that opportunity and I want to thank it's members for their hard work. It really shows how much people care, and it shows in tangible things that make the Stapleton Community a better place to live for my family and I.

If you are interested in moving to the most interactive neighborhood in Denver give the Stapleton Home Team a call. I can show you around, explain what all has happened, what is yet to happen and give you any other information you need to know about the Stapleton community.