Active Rain Real Estate Blogging! Does it Work? I Say YES!

Active Rain Real Estate Blogging! Does it Work? I Say YES!

Active Rain Real Estate Blogging! Does it work? I say yes! But Maybe Not For the Reasons You Think!

When I ask a start up client how they found us, I get a variety of answers. Some say the Internet but you never know where they really started with that. But one thing I do notice, is that while I am out looking with them or going to a second list appointment. They do comment on something that I have written. So whether they found me because of my Real Estate blogging or not. They are following up with research on me and my guess is that the knowledge I can put out over several relative posts can usually seal the deal for me.

I actually find it easier to say less at a preliminary meet and focus on the client's needs than to try and spew too much information. For me, this is where Real state blogging can come into affect. Whether you tell people to research something specific through your blog or they come by it in checking you out.

Real Estate Blogging

You can be that expert that they want without being the know it all that they don't want.

Yes you have SEO which I firmly believe in. It works especially at the localism level. You can really be looked at as the expert in an area. So much, that in my neighborhood, people call me when any new construction gets started and I still occasionally get a call asking what the hours of the local rec center from several blogs I have written about the facility.

A big part of being a Realtor is knowing your client and what they want to hear. At an open house especially, this creates another great use of Real Estate blogging, is that it gives you the ability to give your client a bit of information about a topic and have them then later reference a blog you have written on the topic. This then sends them to your site where they can be drawn in by hopefully quality content

Thanks Active Rain for giving me this tool and ability.




A good article.  You have encouraged me to continue my blogs.

Posted by Merv Edinger & Associates (Remax Nova) over 6 years ago