Westerly Creek Neighborhood: The latest updated stats.

Westerly Creek Neighborhood: The latest updated stats.

Westerly Creek Neighborhood: The latest updated stats.

Westerly Creek neighborhood

Wow. A couple of months ago I wrote a blog about the newly named area of Denver(we named it)that is quickly becoming the best investor neighborhood in Denver. Westerly Creek. The latest statistics prove it.

A few quick bullet points. The KnopHomeTeam has been tracking the Westerly Creek neighborhood and in 3 month increments these show statistics over the last quarter compared to the previous one and then this same time frame last year.

In solds: The last 3 months there has been 26 homes sold with only 30 on the market currently.

Sold DOM: From 80 to 58 now 51

Med Sales price: From $100,000 to $102,000 to now $122,000 WOW

Absorption Rate: From 10.67/month to 6.87/month to now 8.67/month

Sold Price Per Square Foot: $122/ft to $117/ft to now $138/ft Double WOW

With on the market homes in the Westerly Creek neighborhood averaging $146/ft and under contract is $139/ft it seems like these trends will continue upward. There are 30 Active listings and 18 under contract. 

Deals are still being had in the area so please give the KnopHomeTeam a call. We are the experts in the area. There are several upcoming projects in the neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods. Like Stapleton, Lowry and Fitzimmons, that are leading to this renaissance and we want to help you be privy to this information as you consider buying in and around the Westerly Creek Neighborhood.


Hi, Damon,

This is definitely an up and coming area. I have financed a couple of fix and flips in this area and they sold well due to their proximity to Lowry and Stapleton, plus their great metro location.

Given the above average age of the housing in this area and the homebuyer interest there, it becomes a good area for smart Fix and Flip investors. Most of our clients relist the flip with the same agent they bought it from in the first place.

We finance fix and flip investors at attractive terms and would love to have some more deals in that area.

All the best, make it a great day,



Posted by Robert Kearney (Abbey Mortgage & Investments, Inc.) over 6 years ago