CU Medical Students: Housing Options You May Not Have Thought Of?

CU Medical Students: Housing Options You May Not Have Thought Of?

CU Medical Students: Housing Options You May Not Have Thought Of?

"The White coats are coming, the white coats are coming"

CU med students housing optionsWelcome to Denver future doctors, dentists, and nurses. This is the time of year that many medical residents, students, and researchers hit the CU Med Center Anschutz Campus at Fitzsimmons. Because it is in Aurora, just adjacent to Denver many out of state students may not realize some of the housing options that they have across the street over here in Denver. I have written several blogs on the opportunity of home ownership while going to school and how that could help you pay off some of those tremendous school loans you'e about to sign up for.

But I wanted to be more specific of what exactly I have available since about 1/2 of my inventory has been sold in the last couple of weeks. And I know a lot of you are going to be in a hurry to get into something before school starts.


CU Medical Students Housing

2713 Roslyn - A great home that has a rare fenced out door spot and is the lowest price condo with a garage. This home is Priced at $139,000

CU medical students

2818 Syracuse #221- A great upstairs unit that is now the lowest price affordable home in 

CU medical students housing

Stapleton. This one is priced at $125,000


2926 Havana- A large town home that has an attached garage and is the closest to campus in Stapleton. This home is priced at $143,000


CU medical students housing7444 E 28th Ave-3- A great upstairs condo with balcony, garage is on a courtyard and a block from a town center. Priced at $150,000

These 4 are part of the Denver affordable housing program and make great options for CU Med Students depending on their financial situation.

If a single family home or something closer to town is an option we have 2635 Niagara coming on the market soon. This will priced around $225,000, We also have others so check out our website for more details.

Of course there are many housing options in and around the CU Medical campus, so feel free to call the Medical student experts the KnopHomeTeam for more information of what those might be or to set a showing on one of these great homes. We understand the time lines, understand the local market and have made the move into homeownership a smooth transition in time of considerable stress.

Also feel free to use our website as a searching, research or referral tool. We have lenders information, blogs about the various communities and overall Denver Real Estate.

Give us a call and let us show you how great Denver is and how we can help you get into a great home.