Stapleton bike paths update

Stapleton bike paths update

Stapleton bike paths update.

Stapleton Bike Paths

Just a quick one to let everyone know that you can now officially use a road bike to get from 37th and Central 

Park Boulevard to Northfield via the CPB bridges. There are still a couple of spots where you have some patch work still happening but it is open. It is also still a bit rough on the Northfield side because of the lack of side streets, side walks and the size of trucks that travel there. So it's not great for the kids venture yet. I will let you know when the connection that travels to the South of Northfield is in place for travel.

Also Sand Creek is now under construction so there is a path detour that takes you across the river and up by RK Mechanical. It's actually quite nice but it does add a little length so your Sand Creek ride.

The Stapleton Home Team will see you on the paths.