Stapleton's Bluff Lake Neighborhood.Stapleton East Takes the Next Step

Stapleton's Bluff Lake Neighborhood.Stapleton East Takes the Next Step

Stapleton's Bluff Lake Neighborhood. Stapleton East takes the next step.

Stapleton is growing again. East of Havana towards the CU Med Center Anschutz campus at Fitzsimmons had it's first residents move in this month. If you look at a map of Stapleton it resembles the tip of a shoe so the area has been referred to as the toe. It is also called Filing 16, But the bottom line is this new area is selling and selling well. Stapleton Bluff Lake neighborhood

The last couple of years have seen the new neighborhoods of Central Park North and Central Park West being built at a level of 300 or so homes per year. Stapleton builders this year are looking at around 450 homes sold which has pushed it out of those neighborhoods into this new area called Bluff Lake. It is the furthest South and East part of Stapleton with parameters to Peoria, 25th Martin Luther King and Iola/Havana. This first round of homes being built will total around 180 homes. New amenities of this neighborhood will be a group of pocket parks that relate to senses, a potential new school, and a new bus line opening in 2013.

The existing Stapleton amenities that are very close or surrounding this neighborhood are some of the best parts of this area.

- Bluff Lake nature preserve is across the street. It is a great place to go for a walk or jog and feel like you are miles away from the city. With over a 100 foot drop from the street you really feel like you are deeply into nature. I personally have seen everything from raccoon to deer to Golden Eagles there. 

- Very close to other pocket parks and a new one that is coming up at Fulton and 26th. One of these close pocket parks is also the location of the closest pool, F15. This is one of Stapleton's four pools and is very nice. 

- It is less than a mile to the Central Park Rec Center, Westerly Creek and Central Park. These are the hubs for Stapleton's great indoor and outdoor fitness lifestyle that is such an important part of the Stapleton mentality.

- It is lodged between the future Eastbridge towncenter and Peoria Towncenter as well as Fitzsimmons and Aurora shoppettes. The building of Stapleton's Bluff Lake neighborhood and the ongoing build up of the Anschutz campus should escalate talks with commercial developers to bring in a great walk to lifestyle in this neighborhood. Also Aurora and Fitzsimmons have big plans for to redevelop the surrounding communities based on this areas build out. Grocery stores, restaurants and more will be within a short bike ride or walk.

- It's connectability is maybe the best of all of Stapleton. Easy access to 2 highways, future light rail station, the back way to Northfield and Aurora to the south. Also all of the nature trails of Bluff Lake, Sand Creek are literally at your doorstep and you can connect to Denver's 50 mile bike loop. It is also less than 18 minutes to DIA until the commuter rail comes in that can get you there even faster.

-If you are a student, employee, doctor, nurse, or anything to do with the biggest employee of the area, Fitzsimmons/Anchutz campus, you will love this location. Children's hospital, CU Med School, Dentist, Nursing and pharmacy schools and the Veterans Administrations are all on this large campus that right now has 4 cranes up. Future hotels, shopping and light rail will also be part of how this will grow. Within Stapleton's Bluff Lake community you are anywhere from a 5-15 minute walk, 2-5 minute bike and I won't even put a driving option in here.

Stapleton's Bluff Lake neighborhoodI have written several blogs about being ahead of the curve on purchasing a home in areas that aren't fully developed. Stapleton for a while was very heavy in resales and filling in completed areas, I feel that some people have lost the ability to look into the future and understand that you have the ability to shape your neighborhood and take advantage of some appreciation based on future improvements. This for now is your opportunity. With Stapleton's progress moving North of I-70 next year this may be your last chance to get a home on the South side of Stapleton and this close to Fitzsimmons and a lot of the existing and future amenities of what people know as Stapleton.

Of course if you have any questions about Stapleton's development please feel free to give Damon a call. I am the Vice President of Stapleton United Neighbors, The Chairman of the Housing Diversity Committee, on the Citizen's Advisory Board to the Stapleton Development Corporation and am a member of the Greater Stapleton Business Association. I also work with Forest City and the City of Denver to monitor how Stapleton is being developed and am of course a proud resident of Stapleton. 

If you are thinking of buying a home in Stapleton please call the StapletonHomeTeam for advice on builders, locations within Stapleton, new vs. resale and timing. We are happy to help and take pride in giving you a great buying experience.