Stapleton Small Business Growth. PLUM Consignment and others open.

Stapleton Small Business Growth. PLUM Consignment and others open.

Stapleton Small Business Growth. PLUM Consignment and other local businesses are opening up!!

Small business in Stapleton is taking off. Crystal Stephen, owner of PLUM Consignment, opened her doors Monday night to show off her new space and has begun to take consignment. Plum is a highend designer clothing store for women and children. She believes her business will combine sustainablilty, style and savings and become a huge hit in Stapleton. Her designer clothing store is located at the Central Park Professional Condominiums building at 2373 Central Park Boulevard on the first floor. Next to Sweet Life, Restor, and Smart Space. All locally owned businesses that are all Stapleton residents. This building is an condominium business building that has 24 units and is now over 2/3 sold out. It is now the prime example of work in, live in and provide for their own community of Stapleton. Soon to open are 2 new businesses that have the same easy commute. Micci's Handcrafted Italian food and Med-Fit. This building is centrally located and may bring around the idea of a Southend town center that hasn't quite grabbed on yet but seems to be on it's way. 

Stapleton Small Business growth

Home based business has always been a popular option with Stapleton residents. However, with the great deals being had on both real estate and business loans, it has become an American Dream haven to build your business up to the point where you can get out of your house and open the business in a formal setting. As a Realtor who also works a lot from home but also has an office I understand that there is a difference. 

Here is a list of some of the businesses in Stapleton that are owned and operated in Stapleton by Stapleton residents.

Please frequent these businesses if you can to help promote their success.

  • PLUM consignment- A designer consignment resale clothing shop for women and children
  • Sweet Life- Nail Bar and Lounge
  • Restor- A Medical rejuvenation spa
  • Med-Fit- A medical center anchored around healthy life style and weight loss
  • We have a new green car wash going in, locally owned and he has incorporated many sustainable elements.
  • Smart Space, which as a business center and services provider houses many of the home based businesses in Stapleton.
  • Kevin Tafoya, Farmer's Insurance in the work live townhomes that are another nice option in Stapleton.
  • Corporate franchises that are locally owned are also very cool. Anthony's Pizza and Golden Spoon owners live in the community. And although Udi's has sold off some of it's branding and products they are active members of our community and have fed us since 2005.
  • Several dentists, orthodontists, and doctors have established their practices in their home neighborhood.
  • The direct surrounding area around Stapleton has office and warehouse space that has many Stapleton resident businesses as well. AmCheck, Stapleton Home Services and Paradigm Systems are locally owned and provide neighborhood jobs and services.
  • There are so many more that I will continue to add. I am starting to highlight Stapleton businesses on this blog under the Regional/Localism/Stapleton Business tab . So stay tuned. 

As a member of the Greater Stapleton Business Association(GSBA) and founder of Stapleton Cooperation of Realtor Excellence(SCORE), I am always anxious to help promote Stapeton businesses. It is important for more than just neighbor to neighbor support. The way Stapleton's tax increment financing works, we literally build our community with tax dollars created by our property and retail taxes. Creating our great schools, 1/3 of the acreage being parks, and the infrastructure that is so important in building a new community from the ground up. Please contact the StapletonHomeTeam if you would like to look into leasing or buying a business space or if you just want a tour around Stapleton in the golf cart to learn about this great community.


Great Localism Post!  The consignment shop looks like something right up my alley!

Posted by Debbie Cook, Silver Spring and Takoma Park Maryland Real Estate (Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc) about 6 years ago