Stapleton light rail/commuter rail update May 18, 2013, So It Begins

Stapleton light rail/commuter rail update May 18, 2013, So It Begins

Stapleton Light Rail/Commuter Rail update.... So it begins.


Last week I wrote about how the Havana and Smith Road intersection was going to begin soon in preparation for Stapleton's future commuter rail system and how it ties in with the East line going from DIA to Union Station. Yesterday they began and we will all be feeling the repercussions for about 6 weeks. So here is the latest. The intersection at Smith and Havana will be closed for the next 6 weeks for them to create drainage, widen and repave the road and set it up for another future closure when they will put the tracks across, put a light in and Railroad at grade crossing safety bars. That closure is scheduled for Fall 2013

I will update later with pictures and detours but the mess has begun and it will undoubtedly have domino effects on Martin Luther King, Peoria, Central Park Blvd and I-70. It will also heavily impact businesses along the corridor like Urban Farm, Stapleton Cross Fit, and 7-11 and As Khadija Haynes of the Urban Farm said at the latest CAB meeting. "patience will be the key, Just turn on 103.1 the comedy channel and laugh while you wait"

I do want to reiterate that this is a positive thing. Commuter rail coming to Stapleton is going to be amazing and this intersection work is not only really needed but is a great sign that mass transit access is coming to Stapleton sooner than later.

StapletonHomeTeam will check in next week to explain how it is playing out.