Stapleton Speed Limits: Slowing Down for a Safe Neighborhood

Stapleton Speed Limits: Slowing Down for a Safe Neighborhood

Stapleton Speed Limits: Slowing Down for a Safe Neighborhood

You’re driving down a neighborhood street. There aren’t many cars on the road, except those parked in front of houses. You figure, no one’s out right now, you can drive a little faster. You’re zipping along, perhaps singing to something good you found on the radio. You’re going much faster than the speed limit now, but it’s easy to continue without being too concerned.  

We are all guilty of speeding. And lately, many have sped down Fulton and Iola Streets between Aurora and Stapleton. BUT PLEASE remember the speed limit on these convenient streets is still 25 miles per hour.

You might remember, these streets opened at 26th Ave. a couple months ago. The roads marked a big change in both neighborhoods.Stapleton Speed Limits

The new streets have helped unclog traffic. Everyone can agree life is literally a breeze along Fulton and Iola.  The many physicians and nurses living in Stapleton might not even have enough time to finish their morning coffee on their quick commute to the Anschutz Medical Campus

While it is easy to zip down both of these streets, just as easily, something could dart out into the road. It could just be a squirrel, or maybe someone’s pet, or it could be one of the hundreds of kids in the neighborhood.

It’s not so hard to ease off the pedal. Let’s all be courteous to our Stapleton and Aurora neighbors and drive the speed limit. A conscious neighborhood is a safe neighborhood. Plus, you'll have time to finish your coffee or perhaps catch another favorite song on the radio. 

Please, once again on neighborhood streets in Stapleton or in different parts of town, drive like YOUR KIDS live there. If you'd like to share your thoughts, call the Stapleton Home Team